Town of Polkton Police Department
"Proudly Serving our Citizens"

Welcome to the Polkton Police Department information page. Our goal is to provide the very best in Police Protection and public service. Our goal is to always deliver the best Police Protection and/or public service.  Here is a short list of our services.

Out of Town / Vacation Residential Security Check

Polkton Police Department is proud to provide Residential/Business security checks, when residents or businesses will be away or closed.  Please come the Polkton Police Department or Town Hall for the form to complete.

Click here for Residential Security Check Form:

Animal Complaint

Polkton Police Department is proud to answer any and all animal control complaints.  These complaints can be made in person at the Town Hall or Police Department. 

Click here for Animal Complaint Form


Polkton Police Department Application

Polkton Police Department Application for Police Officer.  Polkton Police Department requires to (2) years of continous experience before consideration for employment.

Click here for Polkton Police Department Applicaton:

Citizen Complaints (on employees of Polkton Police Dept)

Polkton Police Department understands that most people are employeed during normal operating hours.  We are placing a citizen complaint form on this site for your conveince.  Please complete and bring by the Town Hall or Mail to the Police Department in a sealed envelope.

Click here for Citizen Complaints (on Employees of Polkton Police Dept):

Town of Polkton Animal Control Ordinance

The Town of Polkton is pleased to announce that we are currently implementing a NEW animal control ordinance. 

Click here to view the Polkton Animal Control Ordinance: