Town of Polkton Police Department
"Proudly Serving our Citizens"

Officer Bio's :

Chief Matthew L. Norris -

   Chief Norris started his career in Law Enforcement in 1995 with the North Carolina Department of Corrections (Brown Creek Correctional Institution).  Chief Norris served with the Department of Corrections, as a Road Squad and Correctional Officer until obtaining a job with the Richmond County Sheriffs Office in 1998.  Chief Norris served as a jailer with the Richmond County Detention Center for approximately (9) nine months.  After a short tenure in the Detention Center, Chief Norris was promoted to a Deputy Sheriff.  While employed with the Richmond County Sheriffs Office, Chief Norris worked in several different departments; including Governors Highway Safety Unit (I.C.E. Team), Drug Interdiction Team, and finally as a K9 Handler.

   Chief Norris left the Richmond County Sheriffs Office in 2007 and traveled to Afghanistan where he served as a Mentor Team Supervisor.  While in Afghanistan, Chief Norris supervised a 4-5 man Mentor Team, which taught Afghan Nationals the basics in Police Tactics and Defense.  While traveling to an area of training, Chief Norris was involved in an assault on his convoy of vehicles, by approximately 25 Taliban members.  Chief Norris was able to supervise and maintain control of his convoy during a time of panic.  Chief Norris was later awarded an "Outstanding Service" award for his "calm in the storm" approach to leadership during this attack.

   After his return to the states in late 2008, Chief Norris began working with the Wadesboro Police Department in early 2009.  During his tenure at the Wadesboro Police Department, Chief Norris implemented and ran the K9 Program for the department.  In 2010, Chief Norris was given an award for "Outstanding Performance" by then Police Chief Janie Schutz.

   During the time Chief Norris worked for the Town of Wadesboro, he also worked for the Town of Lilesville.  Chief Norris obtained the rank of Sergeant while working patrol.  During his tenure in Lilesville, Chief Norris was involved in a "Barricaded subject" situation and "shoot-out", which resulted in an 14 hour stand-off with multiple Police Agencies.

   After leaving Wadesboro and Lilesville Police Departments, Chief Norris applied at the Polkton Police Department where he was awarded the Position of Police Chief in August of 2012.

   Chief Norris comes to the Polkton Police Department with a vast knowledge of experience in drug operations, K9 operations, criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, budget writing/maintenance, Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Radar Operation, Graduate of the Richmond County Community College Executive Management Course (Part #1 and Part #2), Methamphetamine Clandestine Laboratory Technician, DCI Certified, North Carolina General Instructor, Hazardous Material Instructor,  "Stop Stick" Instructor, "Taser" Instructor, Advanced Law Enforcement Certification, Child and Elderly Abuse Investigation, and many other hours of training and certifications.

Sergeant- Tim Hutchinson


    Patrol Officer Tim Hutchinson began his career in Law Enforcement with the Anson County Sheriffs Office in 1995 and worked as a patrol Deputy Sheriff until 2000.  Officer Hutchinson then began working with the Wadesboro Police Department until 2005.  During his tenture with the Wadesboro Police Department, Officer Hutchinson has worked a patrol Officer and a narcotics detective.  In 2005, Officer Hutchinson returned to Anson County Sheriffs Office where he was awarded a K9 Deputy Sheriff position for approximately three years.  Officer Hutchinson went back to the Wadesboro Police Department in 2008 for a brief stay until he moved to South Carolina.  Officer Hutchinson served with the Chesterfield County Sheriffs Office from 2009 until 2016 as a Sgt over a shift and a K9 handler.

   Officer Hutchinson decided to return to North Carolina and to the county in which he was born and raised as a child.  He began with the Polkton Police Department in June 2016.  Officer Hutchinson brings a vast amount of experience to the Police Department in narcotics, drug interdiction techniques, accident investigation, Crime scene investigation, criminal investigations, and general crime investigation.  Officer Hutchinson is Radar Certified, Intoximeter Certified, DCI certified, a less lethal instructor, a North Carolina General Instructor, First Responder Instructor and a Taser instructor.

Chaplain Ronnie Sullivan

    Mr. Ronnie Sullivan was recently (2016) named the Polkton Police Departments Police Chaplain.  Mr. Sullivan is married with (3) three children and (2) two step children and currently resides in the Wadesboro City Limits.

   Mr. Sullivan has been in Ministry since 1985, and was ordained in 2014 at the Calvary Baptist Church by Rev. Barry Gerald.  Since his ordaination, Mr. Sullivan has established a ministry at the Anson Health and Rehab Facility, Meadowview Assisted Living, Autumn Care of Marshville, Ambassador Health and Rehab, and now the Polkton Police Department.  Mr. Sullivan also provides ministry services at the Lanesboro Correctional Institution Minimum Unit (formerly Brown Creek Correctional) on a tri-monthly basis.  Mr. Sullivan is also one of the Associate Pastors at Harmony Community Church with Pastor Rocky Carpenter.

   Mr. Sullivan will be assisting the Polkton Police Department when we have major incidents to happen and when we deem the community may be in need of spirtiual guidance and/or comforting.  Mr. Sullivan is also available to the Polkton Police Department employees and their families for spiritual guidance.